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THAI - also known as Siamese

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Thai, sometimes also referred to as Siamese, is spoken in the central plains of Thailand and Bangkok. There are various estimations of the number of Thai mother tongue speakers varying between 25 to 37 million speakers. Part of the reason for the large discrepancy is due to the fact that a related language Tai is often regarded as Thai. Although linguists classify Tai and Thai as distinct languages, native speakers often identify them as regional variants of the "same" Thai language, or as "different kinds of Thai".


Standard or formal Thai is the official and written version, and is used in education, the media, and government administration and bureaucracy. Official Thai policy is to promote and further Standard Thai in order to create unity among linguistic diversity. Thai itself, along with Chinese and English, is a functioning trade language. Thailand has never been governed by a European power nor had any foreign invasions. It is for this reason that no other language in Thailand gained excessive prominence. English is a mandatory subject at most Thai schools but the number of fluent speakers remains very low, especially outside Bangkok.

These facts make the need of professional and accurate translation services a must when doing business in Thailand. With a unique script and language pattern, Thai is considered to be difficult to translate into and from and an in-depth understanding of Thai culture is needed for successful Thai translations.

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