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Language Inc. has been providing top quality translation and language services to a variety of international clients for more than ten years and we are proud to offer the very best in English to French translation, proof reading, copywriting and editing. Our commitment to quality of service forms the backbone of the operation and we comply with the major industry standards.

With a team of experts specialising in English to French translations, we can assure our clients that our translation services are the very best in the industry.

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Translating English to French is one of the more popular of requests especially since both languages are important in terms of international commerce and are widely used throughout the world. With clients across five continents, Language Inc. remains confident that we can provide you with accurate copy every time.
Our translation process is geared towards quality and assurance which involves an initial translation followed by a thorough second check. Following this, any revisions are applied, and all copy undergoes a final quality check by a project manager to ensure our quality standards are upheld.

With a team of fully trained and qualified translators on hand to handle your job, we remain proud of our standing in the industry.

Language Inc. can handle everything from business documents to financial texts, pharmaceutical and medical copy, brochures, books and many more. Every project is executed with unrivalled attention to detail and quality. We believe that due to our comprehensive range of translation and editing services we can help you with all your English to French language needs.

For more information on our English to French services, please get in touch and one of our friendly team members will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quotation.

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