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The Importance of the Chinese Motor Vehicle Industry

When you consider the importance of the motor industry in terms of worldwide industry it is probable that you will not think of China as a major force. However, it may surprise you to learn that in terms of units produced, China has been the biggest producer of motor vehicles since as early as 2008. It is now a fact that China produces more vehicles than the USA and Japan combined; that is a quite astonishing fact when one stops for a few seconds to consider it.

What has this to do with Language Inc.? It’s a good question, but consider this: a decade ago you may not have considered buying a South Korean or Malaysian car. Now, they are among the most popular on the roads in many countries across the world. Their rise to prominence has been meteoric, and the same will become of the Chinese motor industry over the next few years. Exports are not yet common as most are manufactured for the domestic market, but it will not be long before Chinese cars become commonplace on our roads. That means vastly increased use of Mandarin Chinese in the international motor industry as suppliers of parts and distribution networks become involved.

At Language Inc. we have always stressed the importance of Mandarin as a world business language, but we also believe the upcoming growth and expansion of the Chinese motor vehicle industry will make it even more widely required. We provide a full range of translation, copy editing and proof reading services for this very different and difficult to learn language and we use only native speakers with experience and training. For more information on our range of solutions get in touch now, and see how we can help make your life easier.

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Understanding Jargon and Business Terms

The word ‘jargon’ is often thought to mean nonsense; in fact, the correct definition is that of words or expressions used by a particular profession or group. These words can often be difficult to understand to the uninitiated, and yet jargon is widely used throughout industry and commerce. For example, consider some of the terms you may have seen in the legal or medical world; the everyday man on the street cannot be expected to understand such without access to simple explanations. At Language Inc. we have put together an extensive list of resources to help, and believe you will find them very useful.

In addition to the more obvious as mentioned above we provide information on terms used in the motor industry; it may not have occurred to you that this enormous area of international industry has its own terms, but there are many that Language Inc. can help you understand. The guide to culinary terms is worth reading as interesting education, and we have also included a guide to US English, which helps you understand the many spelling and grammatical differences between it and UK English.

With information on punctuation marks and how they should be used – one of the most common areas of written language errors – plus unique and unusual areas such as wine terminology, political jargon and internet specific terms we believe we have provided a comprehensive list of resources that is not only essential but also educational and of interest to all. As a leading name in language and translation services with a reach across five continents we take pride in our reputation for excellent service, so if you have any questions about things not covered by our resources section get in touch with Language Inc. right now and we will be more than happy to help.

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