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Spanish evolved from Vulgar (colloquial) Latin, and is a Romance language from the Indo-European language family.  Due to Spanish originating in the Castile region of Spain, it is also known as Castilian (Castellano).  Although Spanish and Castilian seem to be synonyms of each other, with organisations using these terms interchangeably, the Spanish Constitution of 1978 defines the official language of Spain as Castilian to differentiate it from the other languages spoken in the country, namely Galician, Basque, and Catalan.

Spanish claims second place on the list of most spoken languages according to number of native speakers, with a 2015 study revealing 470 million people using Spanish as their primary language and a further 90 million speaking it as a second language.  Spanish is recorded as the official language in more than 20 countries worldwide, including Spain, Hispanic America, and Equatorial Guinea.  It is also commonly spoken in Gibraltar, Switzerland, the United States of America, and Morocco, to name just a few.  In addition, Spanish is an official language of the United Nations, and the European and African Unions.


Due to the large geographic area over which Spanish is spoken, many different dialects can be found.  Although these regional vernaculars are not dissimilar enough to prevent easy communication, dialects do vary slightly according to location, and the same word can have a different meaning in the various districts.  Dialects might also contain terms particular to the people and area in which they are used.  It is largely agreed that Portuguese- and Spanish speakers can understand each other with varying degrees of comprehension, with the breakdown in understanding occurring mostly due to pronunciation, and not grammar or vocabulary.

Spanish has been influenced by many languages over the centuries, among which are Catalan, Portuguese, Galician, Occitan, French, Italian, Arabic, and Nahuatl.

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Translate English to Spanish Quality EN15038 Translators

When it comes to languages in the business world there are a handful that are more widely used than others; English, of course, remains the primary business language, while Mandarin Chinese is fast becoming essential thanks to the growth in business from the east. Spanish is also a very common language in business and commerce – not least because of its prevalence in South America and also much of the USA – and being able to find a company that can translate English to Spanish reliably, accurately and quickly is vital.

At Language Inc. – an established translation and language solutions provider with clients across the world – you can rely on them to provide a professional and accurate translation of your English to Spanish copy, and they use only native speakers who are highly trained and experienced. Furthermore, the Language Inc. translator English to Spanish service complies with industry standard EN15038; this ensures that you get a quality assured translation service that is second to none. Indeed, every translation of this type undergoes no fewer than four stages of translating and checking to ensure that clients get the results they deserve.

Language Inc. is proud of its reputation for providing accurate translation services in English to Spanish and other languages, and has been doing so for more than ten years. Such experience cannot be matched within the industry, and they are also committed to keeping costs as low as possible. For value for money quality translation solutions they are the only name to remember, and they are more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. Why not give Language Inc. a call right now, and see just how much they can help with all your English to Spanish translation needs? They are waiting to help you in any way they can.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_BLOG-25.jpgWith more than 37 million speakers, Spanish is by far the most spoken non-English language in the U.S. today. It is also the fastest-growing and most widely taught second language all over the United States.

As the usage of Spanish is growing a number of mainstream American retailers now advertise bilingually in Spanish-speaking areas and offer bilingual, English-Spanish customer services. From magazines to music, Spanish-language media in the U.S have exploded. Walt Disney World launched a Spanish-language Web site for Hispanics. Even the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has recently launched a Spanish version to their website. The U.S. government is taking Spanish very seriously as even The State of the Union Address and other presidential speeches are translated to Spanish and federal agencies such as the United States Postal Service translate information into Spanish.

Even individual states take translating material seriously:

CALIFORNIA: All laws, decrees, regulations, and provisions are published in English and Spanish.

NEW MEXICO: New Mexico's laws are promulgated bilingually in Spanish and English. Although English is the state government's paper working language, much of the daily business of the government is conducted in Spanish, particularly at the local level.

TEXAS: In Texas, although English is used in government, the continual influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants increased the import of Spanish in Texas. State agencies, for example, must provide information on their websites in Spanish to assist residents who have limited English proficiency.

However, the story of the Spanish language in the U.S. is still unfolding and the question remains on whether it will follow the same pattern of decline in use as other non-English languages, such as Italian, German or Polish. However, today’s young Hispanics are more likely than their parents to say they hear messages about the importance of speaking Spanish. It is thus important to be aware of this growing market and use above mentioned states as reference to include bilingual texts if your business wants to grow by opening doors to the Spanish market in the United States.

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