Translation Services


What type of professional translation services do you need?

Our translation services include various types or levels of translation, each designed to meet different needs. We understand that not all clients have the same needs as some just need to get a general understanding of the text while others will use the translated document in professional settings.

Clients are able to choose between two service levels reflecting different levels of translation quality:

The difference between the two is essentially that quality-assured translations include a full review by a second professional translator, whereas budget translations do not. Click here for a better explanation:

All translation types are offered in all of our 57+ working translation languages.

If you’re unsure which translation type would best suit your project, contact us and we’ll advise on the most appropriate option.

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Translation Services

Translation Services

Please note the following:

Minimum Rate

A minimum rate is charged for short documents in order to cover operational and administrative costs.

Latin and Non-Latin Scripts

Different rates apply to texts using Latin and non-Latin scripts.


Please note that all rates exclude:

  1. Author’s corrections (i.e. amendments or additions to original text requiring subsequent amendments or additions to translations);
  2. Post-DTP proof-reading; and
  3. Postage and courier fees.

Calculating cost

All quotations for language services are based on the word count of the source document. In the event that a client cannot furnish us with the document, we will forward the client a cost estimate for the language service.