Comparison of the two translation service levels:

Feature Budget Professional Translation Quality-Assured Translation
Translation by experienced professional translator: Check Check
Second translator review: Close Check
Project Manager safety check: Check Check
Quality Level: Small risk of translator error Highest level of translation quality
Best suited for: Non-critical documents Fit for all purposes
Cost: Lowest cost Higher cost


Quality Assured Translation

Our quality-assured translation service provides the highest level of quality possible and is the service most commonly chosen by our clients. The translation processes followed reflect best practice in our industry and fully comply with the requirements of Translation Quality Standard EN15038.

Our quality-assured translations comprise the following steps:

  • Initial translation by an experienced, tertiary qualified professional translator
  • Full second-translator review
  • Finalisation of translation wording by agreement between translator and reviewer
  • Final Project Manager safety check

These translations are fit for all purposes, and are particularly recommended for business-critical documents where accuracy and quality of expression can’t be compromised.

Budget Professional Translation

Our budget professional translations are fit for most purposes.

Our translators hold tertiary qualifications in translation and have several years’ translation experience, and most importantly, have a proven track record of quality work for us. As such they consistently produce translations of high professional standard.

Our budget professional translation service comprises the following steps:

  • Translation by an experienced, tertiary qualified professional translator
  • Final Project Manager safety check

What is not included in this process is a second translator review, considered best practice and a requirement of Translation Quality Standard EN15038.

Of course because translators are human, mistakes can happen. Our budget translations therefore carry a small risk of inadvertent inaccuracy or omission (human error) by the translator, which would otherwise have been picked up by a second translator review.

For the translation of business-critical documents where the small risk of inaccuracy should be avoided we recommend our quality-assured translations, which include an additional quality control step.