Translating, Proofreading, Editing and Copywriting Services

Language Inc. (2004), an internationally accredited translation service provider, has a footprint across five continents with various worldwide clients making use of our superb quality, services and excellent rates.

At Language Inc. our focus is the provision of custom-made translation services to fit our clients’ needs. We are experts in the project management and quality assurance of translation, editing, proof-reading and copywriting projects. Whether you need to localize your website to reach a specific target market, translate your questionnaires to ascertain if your product is user-friendly, edit the book you want to publish, or proof-read the brochure you had designed, we can assist you with expert language services.

Language Inc. places the highest premium on quality, confidentiality, a fast turnaround and value for money. Our translation services are right for you.

Data Safety

All client data is protected by all available means. The company’s server is secured by a firewall, backed-up off-site and all company offices have an electronic security system.



 Language Inc member of South African Translators' Institute  EN15038

Translation Services