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Bulgarian – Slavic language

BulgariaBackground and status

Bulgarian is classified as a Slavic language of the southern group, which also includes Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, and Slovenian.

There are over 12 million people around the world who speak Bulgarian. As well as it being the official language of Bulgaria (around 7.4 million speakers), it is also recognized as a minority language in Serbia, Romania and the Ukraine. Many Bulgarian minorities have settled in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Ukraine. Many immigrants fled the country and have emigrated to Northern America and Western Europe and now live in Germany, Canada, USA and UK.

The Bulgarian language is split primarily into two separate dialects; Eastern and Western.

Growth and usage

All aspects of official and social life in Bulgaria are conducted in Bulgarian. Bulgarian is the medium of instruction at all levels of education and is used in all electronic and print media.

Good to know is that Bulgaria has a literacy rate at 98.6%. Bulgarian students were among the highest-scoring in the world in terms of reading in 2001, performing better than their Canadian and German counterparts.

The Bulgarian language is also one of the languages that is officially accepted and use by the EU.

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