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GermanBackground and status

German is the official language of numerous countries, including Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and, obviously, Germany.  Next to the English language, it is one of the main accepted languages in European Union. The German language is the third most taught foreign language in the US, following French and Spanish. It is also the official language of a large portion of eastern Belgium, northern Italy, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, parts of Poland, eastern France, Denmark, the Netherlands and some smaller states of Europe.

Millions of Europeans converse in German as their native language. That is to be expected, since there are 83 million inhabitants in Germany, making it the most crowded location in Europe.  With more than 120 million German speakers in 8 countries around the world, it is hardly surprising that the actual usage of the German language varies. It is important to mention that like English, German is a pluri-centric language with three main areas of usage: Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  Switzerland is a case of its own, with its local dialects of the vernacular 'Switzertütsch' (Swiss German) remaining mostly unintelligible even to Germans and Austrians.

Growth and usage

Germany owns the third largest economy throughout the globe and is the financial powerhouse of the European Union. The German’s economic power is the same in regards to business openings. Multinational trade chances are present all over the European Union as well as in Eastern European countries, where German is the second most spoken language next to Russian.

Considering how innovative the German people have been with business and technology, it is not surprising that they are able to sustain an overriding internet existence. Having 8 million online domains, Germany’s leading country domain .de is second to the extension .com. this makes Germany’s domain names even more popular than .net, .info, .org and .biz extensions. Even .uk is far behind, having only 3.7 million domains.

To translate your business into German, in this economic climate, is bound to put you ahead of your competitors. Language Inc. has the necessary skill to assist you in this matter. With our great emphasis on quality and experience in many areas of industry and commerce the company is perfectly placed to continue providing satisfied clients with accurate copy in a vast array of languages. Language Inc. also offers a translation service that complies with the relevant Translation Quality Standard EN15038.

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