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GujaratiBackground and status

The Gujarati language is spoken as a first language by 45.7 million people in India, primarily in the state of Gujarat in western India, and worldwide by 46.6 million people. Gujarat State has two official languages, Gujarati and Hindi, but Gujarati is the most widely spoken. In addition to the citizens of Gujarat and such neighbouring union territories as Daman, Diu, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli, Gujarati is spoken as a first language by a number of indigenous groups such as the Keer tribe. In India itself it is one of the 22 official languages and 14 regional languages of India, and one of the minority languages of neighbouring Pakistan. It stands at the 23th position among the most spoken native languages in the world.

It is also interesting to note that Gujarati was the native language of Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Growth and usage

In the Indian state of Gujarat, it is taught in schools and used in government, mass media, trade and commerce, education, and in everyday communication. Gujarati has a considerably well-developed and world-renowned literature. Gujarati cinema or Gujarati film industry is one of the largest regional and vernacular film industries of Cinema of India. It plays an important part in the powerful and influential Bollywood (the Indian version of Hollywood).

With regard to diaspora, several of the largest groups of Gujarati-speaking populations outside India are found in the United Kingdom and in the United States. With respect to the UK, the two greatest concentrations are found in Wembley and Leicester. In the United States, most Gujarati-speaking groups are found in New Jersey, New York, Texas, and California. In all such communities, language use is vibrant and employed in a number of forms of communication such as newspaper publications, radio, television programmes and everyday communication. Language Inc. offers a full range of language and translation services to clients across the world including into and from Gujarati. With a client base on five continents the company is well-placed to see to all your language needs. With a team of expert services providers offering a genuinely bespoke translation service we are confident that we can provide you with the result you require.

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