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How to start out as a copywriter?

b2ap3_thumbnail_blog-10_20131104-133000_1.jpgCopywriting is a varied and hard to pin down occupation. Every copywriter is different. Some work freelance and some for others. Some write adverts and some write legal documents. To be a copywriter is beyond definition, but what is true, is that all copywriters work with words.

However, one works with words “on order” – according to the client’s requirements. The field also varies and can include a web page, a sales brochure, a corporate video, press release, trade magazine article, the list is endless.

Often the idea of freelancing is very romantic but you need to understand that you will not only work with words, but will juggle many different jobs at one time. This includes managing several copywriting projects, writing on a variety of topics, be your own billing department and marketing team to get new clients.

In essence, you need two things to be successful as a freelance copywriter:

  1. Skills
  2. Clients

A copywriter is a magical combination of writer, observer, researcher, salesperson and marketer. It takes a lot of different skills to make it as a copywriter, but if you have what it takes, you will be rewarded with work satisfaction and happy clients that return for more. Your skills will be irrelevant if you do not have clients to write for. Leverage your existing network and continue to find new clients who understand the value of speaking to the heart of something makes for good marketing.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your client makes money through your copy. Be sure to add value and solve problems. The secret to success is to target the heart of readers with words that arouse emotion and to then target the head with logical explanations about the product.

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