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Taking Care with Regional Dialects

The development of different languages across the world is a fascinating area of study; the massive cultural differences between the written and spoken languages of East and West are amazing, and continue to excite and intrigue those who study them. At Language Inc. we are well versed in a fully comprehensive range of world languages from the more widely used such as Spanish and Mandarin to the lesser used such as Farsi and Welsh. We can help you with all your language and translation requirements with a professional approach and accurate results.

Of course, written language is important in business, but when it comes to spoken words regional dialects can be very confusing! Even in England the difference in speech between one area of the country and another can be quite surprising to first time visitors. A foreigner well versed in spoken English in London will most likely get along perfectly well. However, take him or her to the far north of England to the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, the local ‘Geordie’ dialect will undoubtedly confuse him/her greatly! Like many dialects in England and other countries across the world, Geordie is an almost “different” language with words used only in a small and defined area.

Of course, Language Inc. does not promise to unravel local dialects for you, but we do provide the very best language solutions in the business. Whether you want us to translate documents or proof read copy we would be able to help. We are acknowledged experts with a reputation for accurate results and professional service at sensible prices. Whatever your language requirements are please get in touch now and see how we can make your life easier when it comes to dealing with other languages.

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