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Why Portuguese is a Major Business Language

Does the title surprise you? Granted, Portuguese may not be the first language other than English that comes to mind when considering usage in commerce and industry, it is a very important one indeed. At Language Inc. we recognise this, and we offer a comprehensive range of language and translation solutions to suit. Why is it such a vital language? The answer is quite simple: Brazil. This South American country has emerged as a serious player in terms of world industry and commerce, and is expanding all the time.

Of course, when we think of Brazil we think of coffee and it remains a major force in the world market for that commodity, but other areas of industry and commerce have undergone rapid growth in Brazil in recent years. Iron and Steel production is a major industry in Brazil and the country has become established as one of the world leaders in this area, while petroleum products are also a major factor in the growth of the economy. At Language Inc. we can help you deal with businesses in these and other areas by way of fully trained native speaking service providers who can help with all your language needs.

The automobile industry is also rapidly growing as manufacturers from other countries make use of a ready workforce to man assembly plants, while the petrochemical industry is one of the most prolific worldwide, and the country remains a leading producer of cement products. These are just some of the many rapidly expanding areas of industry have led to Portuguese becoming a widely used language in the world of business, and at Language Inc. we can make sure that your dealings with valued Brazilian clients are presented with accurate translation and copy at all times.

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