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GreekBackground and status

The modern Greek language serves as the mother tongue of inhabitants of Greek and the island of Cyprus. An estimated 15 million people speak Greek today, primarily in Greece, where it is the official language and is spoken by approximately 99 percent of the population. A large number of Greek language speakers also live in Cyprus, where Greek is a national language along with Turkish, as well as in many diaspora communities throughout the world.

These communities of Greek speakers can be found in countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Russia, Germany, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, France, Belgium and Argentina. However, there are also several countries that have a significant number of speakers of the Greek language, such as Albania, Turkey, Italy, Armenia, Ukraine and Romania. In these countries, the Greek language is recognised as a minority language.

Growth and usage

The official and spoken literary dialect is Standard Modern Greek. The speakers of Standard Modern Greek constitute the dominant speech community in Greece. It has spread geographically from the city centres of Athens and Thessalonica to the country and has now displaced most local dialects. Standard Modern Greek is also the official language for education and government administration. However, minority languages are used as means of instruction in education, in select schools and in areas where the minority populations are concentrated (i.e. Turkish in Thrace). Other languages of different minority groups are freely used in communication (press, radio, and so on), at home, and between co-speakers of the language.

The country of Greece is a developed one, with many opportunities for business and economic growth. There are several science and technology parks and developments. The Greek language may be considered to be fitting only for a relaxing holiday to Greece, but Greece is a relatively over-looked country in terms of business, and translating into this language could certainly be more useful in making commerce connections. As a market leader in the language services field Language Inc. has been in the business of offering its comprehensive services for many years. With a wide range of varied satisfied customers the company has a strong reputation in the industry. Language Inc. also offers a range of services including copywriting, editing and proofreading and is experienced in all types of documents and texts.

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