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An Indo-Aryan language from the Indo-European language family, Marathi is spoken by approximately 73 million people (2007) and is number nineteen on the list of most spoken languages in the world.  In addition to being the official language of Maharashtra, Marathi is also one of the 23 official languages of India and enjoys “Scheduled Language” status in the Constitution of India.

Besides being the official language in Maharashtra, Marathi is spoken to differing degrees in many places, namely Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, as well as Maharashtrian expatriates in Israel and Mauritius.


Indo-Aryan language academics differentiate between 42 various dialects of spoken Marathi, with the chief dialects being Jhadi Boli, Southern Indian Marathi, and Varhadi, and Standard Marathi being the vernacular favoured by scholars and the print media.  Notwithstanding the vast number of dialects, there exists a high degree of clarity amongst the different vernaculars as the key distinction lies in the accent placement and pronunciation of words.

While Marathi is influenced by many other languages and dialects such as Sanskrit, Prakrit, Maharashti, Apabhramśa, Persian, Arabic, English, and some Portuguese, there exist many organisations with the intention of regulating, promoting, and enriching the Marathi language by replacing loanwords with original Marathi counterparts.

An increasing movement amid Marathi speaking parents at all community levels in large metropolitan areas is to send their children to English schools.  Some individuals are anxious this could lead to the decline of the Marathi language, although these fears seem to be unsubstantiated.  Recently many youngsters are finding it fashionable to revive the old Modi alphabet of Marathi, which was replaced in 1950 by the Marathi version of Devanagari script, Balbodh.

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At Language Inc., a professional language service supplier, we are able to assist you with your translation requests. Please visit our website ( ) to view the list of languages we can translate into and from to assist you to reach your target audience. Whether you need a translation into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa or any other language listed, please feel free to be in contact with us.

The Language Inc. Team

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Language Inc. Covers all the Bases

In all areas of industry and commerce there is a need for international language services which need to be accurate. Even the smallest mistake can cause problems in understanding and this is a problem not only in commercial documents but also in legal, medical and academic scripts. At Language Inc. we have been providing quality translations, editing and proofreading services for a range of clients across the world for many years and we are confident that our service is on par with the very best in the industry.

Language Inc. was founded to cater for the increasing need for language services in all areas of business. We now have a reputation for excellence that is backed up by our many satisfied regular clients to whom we provide with quality assured translation services that are second to none. We are committed to offering fast and accurate language solutions with the emphasis on attention to detail. We are more than happy to talk to you about any specific requirements you may have, so feel free to get in touch.

At Language Inc. we are particularly proud of our options which include a four stage translation solution, offering the very best in quality and accuracy. We use only native speakers who are experienced and qualified in the language they translate into and each service provider is carefully selected in order to ensure that they are up to the Language Inc. standard of service. As such, we promise our clients that the service provided will always be of the very highest quality. If you have any questions about our services and solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of the team will be more than happy to help.

The Language Inc. Team

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Quality Assured Translation Services in Important Languages

There are some obvious candidates for a list of languages important in industry and commerce: Spanish, for example, is spoken in many countries that are industrial powerhouses, and French too, while the prevalence of the likes of Mandarin is well known. However, there are some languages equally important in certain areas of the world, and at Language Inc. we have been providing translation, editing and other language solutions in a wide variety of languages to satisfied clients across the world for many years. We continue to be proud of our reputation as a market leader.

As a South Africa company – albeit with a presence in cities such as New York, Auckland and London – we offer our services in domestic languages such as ZuluXhosa and Afrikaans as well as international languages of repute. Our quality assured services are of the most accurate in the business. Our linguists are native speakers, fully qualified and experienced in translation. We take great pride in the accuracy of our services, as well as our commitment to quick turnaround and excellent rates. Whether you need medical transcriptions, legal documents, technical copy or simply sales copy to be translated Language Inc. is the only name you need to remember for the very best in professional service.

We have a choice of options for you that cover all budgets and requirements, and our Quality Assured Translation service – the most popular among our clients – complies with the relevant quality standards, thus ensuring you the best results possible. At Language Inc. we are proud to boast of clients across five continents as well as twelve years of experience in the world of translation, so why not get in touch right now and discuss your language requirements with us in more detail, and let us handle those vital documents you need translated.

The Language Inc. Team

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Which World Languages Should I Be Aware of?

With the advent of the digital age it is clear that international trade has changed in many years, and these days businesses of all kinds are routinely dealing with many foreign clients. The fact is that there are some languages that are more prevalent in commerce than others. So which should you be spending your money on? The facts may surprise you! For example, did you know that Portuguese ranks among the top ten most used languages in business? This is largely down to the growth in industrial terms of Brazil, which now has one of the most powerful economies worldwide.

It may be less of a surprise to find Japanese and Mandarin Chinese among the top ranking, as these two eastern giants are well-established in terms of the world economy, but Russian may be a language you have not considered. Russia is a fast-growing market for exports, and should not be overlooked. At Language Inc. we can help you with quality assured translation and language services in all the above languages – as well as many more of the most commonly used.

Cantonese – the official language of Hong Kong – is another important language that Language Inc. offers proficiency in, plus we can also help you with languages in the most important of European markets including GermanFrench and – often overlooked – Polish. Poland is a country with a healthy economy and a strong demand for imported goods. We cannot cover all the languages you need, but rest assured that at Language Inc. we provide you with the resources to enable you to communicate ably and accurately in most of the world languages. Feel free to get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements in detail and we will be happy to help.

The Language Inc. Team

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The Importance of Accurate Translation

In the world of business, it is important to be able to handle foreign languages. International trade barriers having been almost bridged even the smallest of companies may find they are dealing with overseas clients. This reality usually goes hand-in-hand with the fact that English will not necessarily suffice as the language of choice. At Language Inc. we have been providing top class translation services to many satisfied clients for more than a decade. We have the experience to help you take your international business dealings to another level.

Language Inc. can help you with a variety of translation, copywriting, editing and proofreading services in a vast array of international languages. Whether you need translation to or from commonly used languages such as Spanish, Mandarin or French, or lesser used yet important languages such as Tagalog or Malay we can help. Our linguists are not only native speakers but also fully qualified and experienced in the art of translation. With a customer base covering five continents Language Inc. is the only name you need to remember for all your translation needs, and we take great pride in our reputation as a market leader.

Based in South Africa and with a presence in major world cities such as New York and Auckland, Language Inc. promises fast delivery, excellent quality and sensible rates. Our services are compliant with the relevant industry quality standards so you are guaranteed the very best results available. We strive to provide our clients with a service that is professional and discreet, and specialise in copy that may be of a critical nature, so for all your language and translation requirements why not contact Language Inc. and discuss your needs in more detail – we are here to help and waiting to take your call.

The Language Inc. Team

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